Monthly Archives: November 2014


Ok so whos doing it? I must admit ive never done it before nor the elf on the shelf at christmas but this year i thought why not..lets go for it. It certainly gets you thinking how to cause mischief with plastic figures. I must say once you start your thinking if the next antics they can get up too. The childrens faces on day one was priceless.  I think they were thinking…”but i didnt put them there so how did they do that? “. Day 1 was 007 Dino gliding with them plotting to steal the hamsters food. 3 of them were holding the pterodactyl by a cable tie while it glided above the bowl. Dayv2 (tonight) they have caused mischief in the bathroom by stomping on the shaving foam nossle and fired it all around the bath. Cleaning teeth, soap and lotion are amongst the things they have destroyed. I do urge you if you have children (or not if your easily amused) i am both, to try it out and be a child again even for a month. Whats to lose?