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Lent and the sacrifice i have made

Well its that time of year again,  and last year i gave up caffeine and did it no problem. This year is different. Lent started the day after pancake day. So it landed on the 18th february, and i gave up meat and sugar in brews. Now i love my sugar in brews, two in each one. And well although I dont really eat much red meat i enjoy my chicken and turkey in meals.
So day 1… my morning cup of tea made my face screw up like id just eaten a piece of lemon. It wasnt my best start of the day seeing how my caffeine fix helps me focus for the rest of my busy schedule. My meat free meal was alright although i am feeling the affects of the diet… well its not really a diet.. but my exclusion of meat. Well its a week into it, i no longer drink tea or coffee and tend to draw for a cup of horlicks or hot chocolate in the morning. I regularly search pinterest for ideas of meat free meals to shake it up. Veg risotto was my last meal,very tasty too. Im attempting cheese whirls and some vegetable curry to freeze for next week. If you want, i could write the different meals ive resorted to during lent.

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